Edgewood Water Company has provided quality water service to its customers since it was first approved by the Public Utility Commission in 1965. Customers include the casino properties at Stateline and the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.

FridaysFriday’s Station, built in 1859/1860 and purchased in 1896, sits on 22.74 acres and is located on the northeast corner of Highway 50 and Lake Parkway at Stateline, Nevada. Adjacent parcels total 221.89 acres and are located next to recreation forest service land. Friday's Station is located across Highway 50 from Edgewood Tahoe's 5th green.

Friday's Station served as a staging area for both Wells Fargo and the Pony Express in the early 1860's. The Pony Express operated from April 1860 to October 1861.

Edgewood Companies owns an approximate 0.8 acre site on Ski Run Boulevard between Tamarack and Spruce Avenues in the City of South Lake Tahoe, California. The former Dreyfus Inn served as Edgewood Tahoe employee housing until 2006 when the building was demolished and the site restored. Employee housing was relocated to the Pine Frost Inn on Manzanita Street. Future plans for the Ski Run site may include development into a tourist oriented use.

The Pine Frost Inn was purchased in 2005 and is located on Manzanita Street in South Lake Tahoe, California. This property was recently converted from a motel into rental employee housing for Edgewood Tahoe employees.

harveysAlso located at Lake Tahoe adjacent to the California/Nevada state line, Harveys Lake Tahoe is a 738 room hotel with a 52,000 square foot casino. The first casino built on Lake Tahoe’s south shore features numerous dining and entertainment options. Harveys Lake Tahoe’s structured parking, parking lot, and open space are owned by Edgewood Companies and leased to Harveys under a long-term lease.

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